Tuesday, December 29, 2009


It has been more then a year since I update this blog. I thought I gave up blogging for good, but then here it go. When nobody I trust listens to my voice and since nobody else but me is reading it by now. I will spend my time writting it here. Well, I should considere it as a story told by a story teller. When everything had happened, there is nothing much to do but to accept it. For those who happened to read this blog, I thank you for your time.

Here I start by sharing my feelings with this song.

夜曲 - 周杰伦

一群 嗜血的蚂蚁 被腐肉所吸引
我面无 表情 看孤独 的风景
失去你 爱 开始分明
失去你 还有什么事 好 关心
那鸽子 不再象征和平
我终于被提醒 捆着手我现在是 奴隶
我用漂亮的押韵 形容被掠夺一空 的爱情

我应该藏这里 夜色不干净
还给你 整夜的回忆 占满天的星
送你的 白色玫瑰 在纯黑的 花季凋零
午夜在树枝上 诡异的 很安静  
倾听 我黑色的大衣 像我的你
衣栉比鳞的鬼 走过的走过的生命
啊 四周弥漫 雾气
啊 我在空旷 的墓地

手在键盘 敲钢琴
我给的 思念太小心

纪念我死去 的爱情
怀念你那 鲜红的唇印

那些断翅 的蜻蜓 散落在这森林
而我的眼睛 没有丝毫同情
失去你 泪水混浊 无情
失去你 我连笑容 都有 阴影
我站在满心 期待的屋顶
像一口没有水的 枯井

为你弹奏肖邦 的夜曲
纪念我死去 的爱情
手在键盘 敲钢琴
我给的思念 太小心

而我为你 隐姓埋名
在月光下 弹琴
对你心跳 的感应
还是如此 温热亲近

一群 嗜血的蚂蚁 被腐肉所吸引
我面无表情 看孤独的风景
失去你 爱 开始分明
失去你 还有什么 事好关心
那鸽子 不再象征 和平
我终于被提醒 捆着手我现在是 奴隶
我用漂亮的押韵 形容被掠夺一空 的爱情

It all happened roughly two years ago in a barbecue party that Paul first met Emily. He wanted to start the first conversation with her but he was too shy to even approach her. When the chance came that finally Paul was able to gather all his guts to talk to her it was when Emily wanted to find a seat but Paul's bag was on her way. Then by chance he spole to her by apologised and moved the bag away. But then when more people came he had to move again to make a seat for her. They didn't talk much except introducing each other. At the first glance, Paul had already fall in love with Emily.

In a blink of an eye and two years had gone. Both Paul and Emily are now studying in the universities more then 2500 miles apart. Paul had to come back hometown to work as a trainee while Emily came back to enjoy her wonderful time with her family. As Paul have had a crush on her, the feeling increased gradually until in the end he decides that he should do something about it.

Paul had left home for studies in overseas in July while Emily went a week earlier for studies nearer then their hometown. Although they were thousands of miles apart, they still keep in touch by msn and not to mention, facebook and this makes them closer friends. Of all the companies that Paul applied for a vacation employment in the place where he studied, he was rejected all together. In the end, he managed to get a placement back in hometown. In his mind, he was happy because he could meet her again. He purposely booked the airline a week earlier then her in order to make time for preparation. Then this time he begun to plan for ways to capture her heart. First it was a welcoming crew proposal, then it was cancelled due to delay in flights. Before departing for home, he brought a special self-made Lavender for her, a teddy bear and a small bottle of candies. He even made her a keychain with her name on it.

Then the very time had come for him to meet her, it was at a prayer meeting that they met after almost half a year. At that night, he handed her the special Lavender made specially just for her. She accepted it with a smile and thank him. Then he was so lucky to be chosen to performed in a charity performance together with her. This he thought was a chance of a life time to tell her his true feelings. At their first practise, he gave her the specially made keychain with her name wooven on it. She accepted it and thanked him again.

On one very fine day, he finally decided to ask her out for a drink and talk. One fine afternoon, he managed to ask her out for a drink. So he went to pick her up and to crave for ice-cream they go. When they were enjoying their ice-cream, Paul tells her his experience studying overseas. And at the right time, he handed out the small teddy bear he bought from Myers and a bottle of candies. He seems to be talking more then her and she seems to be listening more. He also finds out the she was not as excited as him when they met. He was trying to keep the conversation going but for her, millions of other things seem to be running in her mind. In the end when he finished telling stories, she asked to leave. So happily he fetched here home and tell her that he'll ask her out for movie.

That night, Paul happened to saw her status as she will hold on to what she promised to God and hope that somebody will take action at the right time.

Now, Paul grasp his hand tightly, his feet shakes and his lungs were short of breath when he heard the news that she was in a relationship with a man that is not him. He almost gone hairwired when a reliable source tells him the news. All of the hope, all of what he intended to do, all of his plan was ruined in that moment.

End of part 1.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tomorrow 明天孩有希望

Well, I just like this video. I'm in the video twice! Haha!

p/s: 0:41 and 1:08 :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Who Am I?

Who am I - Casting Crown

Who am I?

(verse 1)
Who am I? That the Lord of all the earth,
Would care to know my name,
Would care to feel my hurt,
Who am I? That the Bright and Morning Star,
Would choose to light the way,
For my ever wandering heart,

Not because of who I am,
But because of what You've done,
Not because of what I've done,
But because of who You are,

I am a flower quickly fading,
Here today and gone tomorrow,
A wave tossed in the ocean (ocean),
A vapor in the wind,
Still You hear me when I'm calling,
Lord, You catch me when I'm falling,
And You've told me who I am..
I am Yours. I am Yours.

(verse 2)
Who am I? That the eyes that see my sin,
Would look on me with love,
and watch me rise again,
Who am I? That the voice that calmed the sea,
Would call out through the rain,
And calm the storm in me,

(ending tag, ad lib)
I am Yours,
Whom shall I fear? Whom shall I fear?
I am Yours,
I am Yours.

Sorry about the quality, I took it with my phone, will upload a better one when I get it from my friends. Enjoy the music!

Who Am I - Casting Crowns

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I survived 30 Hours without Food!

People preparing for the Famine

You've got the power! Yeah! It's has been quite some time before I update. The
reasons excuses were I busy with my assignments, tutorials and a test. if I don't
post it sooner or later it won't have the Umph![power].
On 12pm 21st March 2009, we started our 30 hour Fast till 6pm the next day. Many of my
friends have already post their feelings and photos, well I'll just post on a few more
from my point of view.

Volunteers doing some ice breaking - Superman

In the camp, we always have sharing after every activities, I'm quite amazed by how people
shared their experience and feelings. When it come to my turn, I just lost what I wanted
to say. It's not that I have no feelings or didn't experience anything. Maybe I'm just not
very good in expressing my ideas. Throughout my study we're more keen to express ourself
in words rather than verbal.

Our Rev. Ting receiving souvenir from YB Dato Patinggi George Chan

During this time too people were willing to do anything in order to survive including
drug smuggling, prostitution and working in mafia gang. In my family, I urged them not to
take up any illegal occupation. In the end, thanks to the cooperation of every family
member we're able to get everyone vaccinated, get our camp done but we only got enough
food for three out of eight members in the family. I believe we can do it better if there
is a next time. :)

Vowed to fast for 30 hours.

There are many performances by local artist including Daniel Lee, Francessca Peters,
Evenstarr, Soulcatchez and other performing artists. The organising commitee really did a
great job on this.

Catwalk by Jolene and Alex the food lover.

Through this camp I had met many nice people around, normally I won't talk to people I do
not know in the camp but this time I try to talk to new friends in my group and found out
they are very nice folks. Especially our group leader, Sheldon and his assistant, Grace.
Besides, I graduated from Kuching High for 3 years and still have the chance to meet the young ex-highians - Karen and Angelina Jolie. There are people who come with family too like
Viki. I remembered her mom saying she was really worried when Viki's camp was destroyed by
local authority though she is in my "family". We lend them our building materials to get
their camp back to shape after that.

Sagging camp roof (Group 3)

Our better looking camp roof with newspaper string

[Warning: Civil engineering content!]

From the photo you can see that our camp is made of newspaper, plastic chair and nylon
stirngs. Our group had problem with sagging roof so we try to solve it by using suspension
roof and increased the weight of our four columns(chairs). It did worked very well and in
the end I spent too much time on the camp I that I forgot to get my food provision.. =_="

The legendary King David Wong

In Famine Challenge 2, we're refugees in Kolkata after an earthquake. So we moved in to
the city to make a living there, if we couldn't make enough, we have to move to the slump.
What we did was making stars from newspaper resembling refugees making handy crafts to
make a living. We need to earn 15 Rupees each person per day in a family in order to live
through the day. If someone is sick then the situation will be worst. Our family combined
into 16 person but we only managed to get 1 rupee from the sale of 10 paper stars. Hehe!
What a haul for 1 single rupee.

Poverty Quiz

Wow... I thought I don't have time to blog about 30 hour famine but in the end I wrote so much. Hopefully you guys will read some of it and continue next time you arrive as I won't be updating frequently.. Took photo with William and Jolene, Dixon and her sis. Thank Dixon-wolfhermit for the photo. The best emcee signed on my fan! Yeah!

Break fast! I look so terrible...

Ezekiel and Karen. She has whole lot of post on 30-Hour-Famine. She is my first fan.. Haha! Never though anyone would admire me playing guitar.. Hehe! After 30 hours, we learned to appreciate more and complain less and we have save some

Last but not the least... Best regards toGladys Wong, Gabriel Kuon, Alex Poh, David Wong, Phoebe, Yuki, Linus, Lily, Lance, BL
teacher(forgot her name), one girl in my family not mentioned in this blog (I forgot her
name -_-)..

Sidetrack: Do I really look 14 in the camp? I'm 21 this year... Hehehe!